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Cloud Solutions and Migration

About Cloud Solutions and Migration

The cloud really has come of age.

We have helped businesses of all sizes to start their journey to utilising this powerful resource to minimise costs, allow flexible working and gain access to cutting edge technologies that would have been out of reach for many businesses up until just a few years ago.

We are a Microsoft Partner with lots of experience with Office 365 migrations and support.

The IT Industry loves it’s buzz words and you will likely hear lots of people talking about the cloud and how it’s going to transform everything.

The reality of it is, the cloud has some genuine benefits for business and gives access to a level of infrastructure and IT that was beyond the reach of smaller businesses up until very recently.

If your current IT partner is only talking cloud backup’s and putting expensive servers on-site then it’s worth speaking to us to truly understand how the cloud can save you money, improve your processes, give access to your systems from anywhere and give you a flexible and resilient platform that will allow your business to grow and develop for years. ​

Our experience as a Microsoft Cloud Partner along with a large portfolio of projects for local business, schools and charities will help you unlock the power of the cloud on a budget our competitors can’t match.

Read how we helped the charity Young Dementia UK use the cloud

Your Office in the Cloud

It takes a Microsoft Partner with the right experience and qualifications to really help you realise the benefits of the cloud, talk to us now and we can help you understand how the modern office can work for your organisation.

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